About the Audiophile Garage

OuR Story

Tim Hall was a professional musician and sound engineer before turning to multimedia production for corporate clients. He founded the Audiophile Garage to share his lifelong passion for great sound and high-performance systems. Tim is based in NW Connecticut.

In 2018 Scott Bierfeldt, a lifelong audiophile, founded Verdant Audio, a custom speaker manufacturer and now fast-growing retailer and distributor of top audio brands. Scott is based in Jersey City and is an expert in a dizzying array of audio solutions, from tubes and turntables to servers and cables.

Together, Tim and Scott will give you expert advice, generous loaner and return policies–and now, a chance to hear top gear in person, in a funky converted garage in the Litchfield Hills of Connecticut.

Let’s Rock

Some audio dealers treat systems as luxury goods or status devices. Not us. We understand and build truly high-performance audio systems based on your music, listening habits, room acoustics and size. We also have a growing selection of portable gear, perfect for travel or those days going to the office. Beginners welcome. The only requirement is a love of music and a desire for amazing sound.